Quentin Declève - International Litigation Blog
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About The Author

Welcome to the International Litigation Blog!


My name is Quentin Declève. I graduated from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) in 2011 and started working as an associate at Van Bael & Bellis the same year. Van Bael & Bellis is a leading independent law firm based in Brussels with a special emphasis on international law. The firm has extensive expertise in the fields of international litigation, EU and competition law, international trade law and WTO law as well as Belgian business law.


Working at Van Bael & Bellis has allowed me to gain extensive experience as a litigator both at domestic and international levels as I assist clients in EU litigation and in international litigation and arbitration cases.


Alongside my job at Van Bael & Bellis, I also worked (2013–2015) as a part-time teaching assistant (adjunct) in EU Law at Université Saint-Louis in Brussels.


In 2015, I took the decision to put my professional career on hold and moved to New York City to pursue an LL.M. I graduated from Columbia Law School in May 2016 and re-joined Van Bael & Bellis in July of the same year.


Importantly, the views expressed on this blog are expressed in my private capacity and do not, in any way, represent the views of Van Bael & Bellis.


If you have any comment or suggestion concerning the blog, do not hesitate to contact me at quentin@international-litigation-blog.com.